Blonde Flight!

One afternoon, a blonde is riding coach on an airplane on its way to San Francisco. Half way into the flight she stands up, takes her belongings, and moves up to first class. The flight attendant approaches her and tells her that she has a coach ticket, and that she must move back. The blonde replies with “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, so I’m sitting in first class”

The flight attendant gets irritated and talks to her superior. He himself tries to make the woman move, but all she will say is “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, so I’m sitting in first class.” Unwilling to argue further with the woman, the flight attendants go into the cockpit to speak with the pilots. The co-pilot turns to the pilot and says “Its okay, my wife is blonde, I can take care of this.”

The co-pilot walks into first class, whispers something to the blonde and she immediately moves to coach. Astonished, the flight attendants inquire about the whisper. The Co-pilot replies with “Its simple. I just told her that first class wasn’t going to San Francisco.”

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