Muslamic Infidel’s Ray Guns

Transcript: (The Newsreader): There is a sense of incoherent anger. People are angry, but they can’t explain why. “Hello Sir, Why are you here today?” “I’m here to protest, right… “Cuz I’m goin’ on a march cuz I want Britain to be about British. “I want BRITAIN to be about British. “The interracial laws…the Muslamic [...] Read more »

31 Jokes for NERDS!

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Little Baby Orangutans Get Scared

These cute baby orangutans are outside on their own for the first time and are afraid of the macaque monkeys. They should! Babies are supposed to stay at home or in nurseries. Read more »

LOL Monkey Kisses Humans

Yuk humans taste like bad bananas! I prefer my monkey girl friends. Read more »

Funny Cat Video Gets Over 24 Million Hits on Youtube

Why can’t us monkey be so cute!!! I want to become a cat and eat bananas. Read more »